Friday, May 3, 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner: Review, Swatches, & Comparison

Since I did a review of the newer Wet n Wild cream/gel liner last month, I figured it would be helpful to compare to the the original. You can read all my thoughts on the On Edge Creme Liner here.  The color I have to review today is #886 or Black. If I remember correctly, these run for $2-3 wherever, Wet n Wild products are sold.

To continue reading the review and see swatches/comparisons, click the link below.

This liner, much like it's newer counterpart is very creamy and easy to work with. No tugging involved.  The included liner brush is crap, and I threw it out so long ago that I can't even begin to remember what it looks like. It builds up nicely to a very dark, opaque black line that dries down essentially matte.  It comes in a very cheap plastic container that starts looking uber crummy very quickly. It gets cracks and all sorts of nastiness.  The lid doesn't screw down tightly either, which is one of the main downfalls of this product. It's super cheap and affordable, but the darn thing dries up quickly. It's a catch 22: great product that works and is super cheap, but the quality doesn't last long. My recommendation is to immediately depot (don't be lazy like me) into a better container so it doesn't dry out as quickly.


Below are the comparison swatches. The On Edge Creme Liner from the Fergie collection is on the left, and the Mega Eyes Creme Liner is on the right. As you can see, both are opaque blacks. The main difference is the new edition has a more shiny finish, while the original is more matte.

Bottom Line: Great liner, works fabulously, just as black as any drugstore or high end black cream/gel liner.  The downside is that it dries out too quickly.  As mentioned above, try depoting it into a different container. If you found yourself buying the On Edge Creme Liner, you don't need this one as well.  Both are good options  though.

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