Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maybelline Vivids Lipstick: Review & Swatches

Truly by now it should be no surprise that the Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks are the talk of the spring makeup line. It's the answer to all bright lipstick wearer's dream. Bright fun colors at fraction of the price that's on par with high end products. There are 10 shades to this line, which range from the Barbie Doll pink to fire engine reds. All are bright, vibrant, vivid if you will. There are new limited edition shades as well if you peruse the displays, but the core line is fabulous as is. I have 4 of the shades to share with you today.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Vibrant Mandarin, Fuchsia Flash, Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose

So if you hadn't figured out from the beginning paragraph that these are awesome, then there is no hope for you. Truly these are every bit as wonderful as everyone claims they are. The colors a super saturated, yet you can build it up.  If you always wanted to try bright lips, but are a little scared, then put a layer of balm first and add a light layer on top.  For those of you that are perfectly content wearing bright opaque lips, then here is your go to product as well.

As for the basics of the product. It comes in super fabulous neon orange covers. Love orange. Best color ever, but I digress. The tip of the lipstick is slanted and pointed on one end for easy application. If you need extra help, you can add liner underneath the product, but even without liner these last for 4-5 hours without any problems. It's comfortable to wear on the lips as well since these are not matte. The only thing that might be a turn off for some is that it has a smell. It's the same smell that other Color Sensational lipsticks have.  I don't know how to describe it, but it's kinda a sweet, vanilla-y smell with a hint of plastic underneath. You can smell it when you first apply, but it disappears quickly.  I have issues with smells, and it doesn't bother me.


Now for the part you really care about: swatches. These are swatched over bare lips. The shininess is all it's own. First up is Shocking Coral, which is not so much coral as a warm pink on the lips.  All these colors are bright, so I'm not going to mention it after this time (hopefully). I was thinking it would lean more towards an orangey/coral color. I still like it as a lip color, just be prepared that it leans pink.

Vivid Rose is a pretty midtone blue-based pink that has a slight reddish tint. Of the shades I have, I think this might be the most wearable shade. Not too scary for beginners

Fuchsia Flash isn't the most Barbie Doll pink of the range, but it is still a nice lighter blue-toned, bright pink. It's not really "fuchsia" in my opinion, just a nice girly pop of bright bubblegum pink that's all grown up.

Vibrant Mandarin is the darker of the two orange shades available in the line. I personally think it's a more wearable shade than the lighter color. It was a hint of red, and being a deeper color, more flattering.  It's a color that really any skin tone can pull off.

Bottom Line: These are a MUST! You could get each and every color, and you won't go wrong. Especially since most drug stores always have a promotion of buy one get one half off.  I'm tempted to say that these aren't limited edition either (since I've seen limited edition Vivid colors).  These pretties will last you nicely through summer.

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