Tuesday, March 12, 2013

L'oreal Nail Polish in So Chic!: Review & Swatch

It's not often that I'm drawn to a neutral shade of polish, but sometimes I'm surprised. L'Oreal So Chic! happens to be one of those rare occasions. This was part of the December holiday display, but I still find them in stores like Walmart/Target. These retail for about $5-6.

To continue reading the review, and see swatches click the link.

L'Oreal Paris has been really surprising and pleasing me with their nail polishes.  They have great pigmentation, interesting colors, and good quality.  I've had such good experience with their nail polishes that I'm always tempted to look at their displays for any new colors that might catch my eye.  So Chic! just happened to be found in this way.  It's a nude that leans ever so slightly pink with really pretty gold and silver shimmer particles.  You can see these clearly in the macro shot, and they show up nicely on the actual nail as well.  I was pleased to note that the pretty shimmers didn't disappear once applied.                                    


The following swatches are with two layers and a top coat.  It had even application and was fully opaque in 2 coats.  See how the shimmery gold/silver particles are visible even in the shade? So pretty!

Sunlight Picture
Shade Picture
Bottom Line: This is a fun nude.  It has a underlying pizzazz. It applies evenly and there's no streaking even if though it's a light color.  I say go and get it! I seem to find these in piles at Walmart, so you can check them there since it's an slightly older shade and not as readily available at drug stores.

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