Sunday, March 17, 2013

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise: Review & Swatches

Next on the journey of St. Patty's Day pizzazz is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise nail polish.  Nail polish is a great option for those of you a little shy about going all out with colorful peepers.  This particular shade of polish is of the China Glaze neon range so it dries down matte.  I don't have too much experience with matte shades, but it's always good to branch out right?

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

I must forewarn you that my camera did not like this color polish.  As in no matter what I did, it just wanted to make the polish look more blue than it really is. I color adjusted the macro shot to more accurately represent the true nature of the beast, but it's not quite right. In real life Turned Up Turquoise is a turquoise that leans slightly green with an underlying shimmer.  With a top coat it becomes vibrant.  The dry time on this is literally less than a minute.  That's great, but it makes it harder to apply even layers.  There is some residual brush strokes that can be seen once you're done.  Of course that may be user error on my part.  You'll definitely need at least 2 coats to create an even color without lighter patches.  The nail polish wear is about average for me at 3-4 days with minor tip wear.  I've never tried it without top coat, so I can't tell you wear time in it's natural matte form.


The swatches are two coats of Turned Up Turquoise with a top coat to make it shiny.  Again the swatch leans too blue.  In real life it's a more green turquoise.

Natural Light Picture
The flash picture shows the brush strokes that are apparent on close inspection (ring finger), and it allows you to see the pretty shimmer particles within the polish.

Flash Picture

Bottom Line: I like this polish despite its flaws. There is some streakiness involved, but it's minor.  It's not enough for me to give up on a great shade like this.  It's a personal preference thing though, so for some it might not be worth the effort.

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