Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks Collection: Review & Swatches

Holiday time is great for many reasons, but it's especially great because of the lovely "value" sets that the different brands make. Too bad it's often limited edition. That said, as the holidays near the end, these sets are not only available, but often marked down. So with that in mind, I figure it would be helpful to still review the Mally Evercolor Shadow Sticks Collection especially since the individual products are available year round even if the set isn't.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

These come in a little magnetic box that fits the shadows sticks perfectly. The box is rather nice, and I want to find a use for them, but haven't come up with one. It comes in 5 shades in varying degrees of color intensity to allow any look you want. It's a chubby pencil form of cream shadow that can be advanced/retracted by twisting the end. The bottom of the stick has a colored sticker corresponding to the shade (as well as the name of the shadow on the side of the stick).

The colors included are: Deep Plum, Camo, Saddle Shimmer, Champagne, and Dusk. Deep Plum is a dark plummy purple that appears more blue-toned when applied (although it looks red tone in pencil form-see below). Camo is a mid-toned forest green. Saddle Shimmer is a pink-toned champagne/taupe color. Champagne is a light golden shimmer. Dusk is a rose gold. All shades are shimmery.

The insert included states that the color sets in 30 seconds so there is enough time to allow you to work with it, but to do so quickly. I found that it didn't set in 30 seconds. If I didn't let it set (especially if I used more than one color), it did crease on me. Maybe I used too much product, so it took longer to set? I still need to play around with these more. I did find that if I kept my eyelids semi-closed for a longer period, then it did set. Once set, there is no budging. The only one that I had issues with opacity is Champagne. It's a little on the patchy side.


The hand swatches below show the shades in different angles/lighting.

Deep Plum, Camo, Saddle Shimmer, Champagne, Dusk

Deep Plum, Camo, Saddle Shimmer, Champagne, Dusk
Bottom Line: These shadow sticks are easy to use like many shadow sticks, and actually has a great color payoff as a whole. It's not as quick setting as the literature states, but it does set. If you're not careful about the setting time frame, it can crease. Otherwise these are nice pencils to add to your collection.

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