Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie On Edge Creme Eyeliner in Little Black Dress: Review & Swatches

Next up from the Wet n Wild Fergie collection is the On Edge Creme Eyeliner. Currently there are two color choices to choose from, and I have the black one called Little Black Dress. Wet n Wild does make a cream eyeliner from the original line (look at comparison swatches here), but I wanted to see if this liner lived up the Wet n Wild name.  What caught my eye was the fact that the included eyeliner brush actually looked functional, and the packaging seemed to be sturdier and less likely to dry out.  These retail for $4.99 wherever Wet n Wild products are sold.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Creme/gel liners aren't as convenient to use as a brush/felt-tip liner, but I do love them.  They give a nice line, but has a little more wiggle room to play around with. It can also be used as a base for eyeshadows depending on the color of liner. The eyeliner brush included in the On Edge Cream Eyeliner packaging is a definite bonus.  Usually brushes included in these sets are rather atrocious, but this one is actually rather nice. The quality is good. There's enough stiffness to the brush to be able to draw clean lines while still being soft/giving to easily line the lid. The packaging is made out of sturdy glass with a lid that screws on tightly.  This is definitely a step up from the original Wet n Wild cream liner, and thus far I have had no problems with the product drying out.


Below are swatches of the liner using the included brush. It's not the blackest of liners (it leans a little towards dark brown), but it can be built up. I was curious to try out the brush, hence the odd swatches.  I just loaded the brush with cream liner once, and was able to draw all the lines seen. As you can see you can range from thick to fine lines.  

Bottom Line: It's a nice addition as a cream liner at an affordable price especially if you don't own a black cream liner and were looking to get one. The included brush increases the value since it's a very usable product.  I've been using the brush with other cream liners as well.

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