Saturday, December 8, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition Bright Colors: Review & Swatches

Blue on By and Fuchsia Fever
So as you know from my prior post, I enjoy me some Maybelline Color Tattoos (read it if you don't know. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge). I also have an inner 80's child still living inside of me (even though I'm too young to have truly enjoyed my 80's).  I love bright colors that are in your face.  Granted, they are not the most practical of colors, but life is meant to be enjoyed.  So, when I saw that Maybelline had new vibrant Color Tattoos, I jumped on a couple of them that appealed to me the most.  I know they've been floating around at Target since late summer, but I finally saw these at my local CVS (about $7-8).

To read my thoughts on these and see swatches, click the link.

In the pot, these shades are GORGEOUS!  But there is something to be desired regarding the use. For starters, the consistency of these are nothing like the original and the neutral limited editions shades that have come out before these.  The consistency is not as creamy, but feel more like a silicone product.  There's slip to it, and it has a thinner consistency.  This might be the reason for their decreased performance.  It's nothing like the originals.  Both are bright and vibrant, but it just doesn't translate properly onto your face.  It's hard to use and requires a lot of patience.  If you're willing to put in the effort, it can work out, but it is better used as a base.  It works wonders if you add a powder shadow on top.  No budging involved.  Of course it does have lasting power on its own, it just comes out patchy... 

Tricks that I have found to make it usable on its own is as follows (there's not much).  About the only thing that can be done is to wait in between the layers.  This is a product that you can't easily layer on top of each other until each layer sets.  If you don't wait, you end up pushing the color around and creating little areas of darker pigment and lighter pigment.  Luckily it sets relatively quickly, making it easier to add the following layer.  This doesn't solve the problem, but it allows it to be a workable product.  It also helps that most people that see you won't be up close enough to really see the patchiness if you use it the way I mentioned.  You can also use the product as a sheer wash of color and forego the vibrancy.  Then it applies rather evenly. Another trick is to use this as a liner, which is a pretty option.  You still do need a couple passes to get an even application (but this is often the case with some actual liners too, so nothing out of the ordinary).


As mentioned earlier, the swatches are patchy.  The Blue on By more so than Fuchsia Fever.  Below is a couple swipes without waiting in between.  You can see that I've ended up pushing the product around without applying it evenly.

Fuchsia Fever, Blue on By

To give an idea on how well these Color Tattoos can work as a base, here's an example below.  I used Blue on By as a base for Wet N Wild Color Icon Shimmer in Stagedive on top.  The color is almost identical so it worked perfectly!  Of course Blue on By would be a nice base for most blues and silvers as well.

Here is what Fuchsia Fever look like on the lid.  I used the trick I mentioned earlier.  It doesn't completely eliminate the patchiness (you can see lighter spots on my inner and outer corner), but it does reduce it.  Also doing a thicker liner can draw attention away from the problem areas.  Note: the actual color is more accurate in the hand swatch.

Bottom Line: I'm not totally disappointed by these since I like the colors, but you really have to like them to be willing to work with it if you're planning on using these products as a stand alone item.  It's possible to do, but you need to have the patience.  If you want them as a base, then they're great.  I suggest you think hard about whether you're willing to put in the effort, and don't impulsively buy these based on past experience.

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