Saturday, December 22, 2012

SquareHue Nail Polish Subscribtion

I'm sure most of you are aware of some sort of monthly subscription service (there seems to be a bunch) such as Birchbox or Glossybox.  I'm still on the Brichbox band wagon and like it enough to continue for $10.  But have you ever wanted a way to satisfy your nail polish lemmings?  Now you can with SquareHue. From my research this is a totally new box service that came out with their first box this month to a bunch of bloggers.  The gist is that you get 3 nail polishes for $21/month, but if you sign up now under the different blogger codes, you can get the box for $14.99 for as long as you have the service.  I found my blogger code and info from The PolishAholic.  Just go to the link for the cheaper price if you'd like, and sign up by 12/24/12 to lock it in.  I signed up yesterday and I apparently won't get a box until March since they have an overwhelming request.  Now that's a long ways away.  We'll see how things pan out, and once I get my box, I'll review it for y'all (figure I'll add a little Southern drawl in homage to spending the last month in TN).  I'll include all the info and ins and outs at that time. (pic: SquareHue)

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