Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer the Night Away: Review & Swatches

Today we have the Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer the Night Away palette.  This is one of the two 8 eyeshadow palettes that has come out for the holidays.  This is actually my first one of these.  I never felt the urge to buy any of the other 8 pan palettes, but this caught my eye.  I mostly got it for the purple side since I have similar shades on the smokey eye side.  This costs $4.99, an excellent bargain as usual.

To see swatches and if this palette delivers true Color Icon quality, click the link.

The palette comes with a sponge stick and synthetic brush, which I can't tell you if it works since I chucked that in the trash as soon as this picture was taken.  I actually like sponge stick applicators, but they don't last as long, and I HATE how included brushes keep falling out/getting in the way.  The pigmentation on the shadows vary from VERY pigmented to need a little help.  There are no completely matte shades in this palette as an FYI.  The matte colors have glitter in them and the rest are frosted/shimmery.  There are a couple duochrome shades in this palette as well.  The texture of the shadows are typical for Wet n Wild Color Icon in that there are a little powdery and there is fallout.  However, the shades are soft to the touch and generally easy to use as long as you tap the excess off. With primer, I had no problems with the shadows having lasting power. Although the shades are labeled for specific purposes, you can obviously mix and match both sides to your liking.


On the left side of the palette are what I would consider "smokey eye" basics.  You have a range from white to black (you can't get more basic than that).  The Browbone shade was actually a lot more pigmented than I thought it would be based on past white/light shades in Wet n Wild palettes.  It's a frosted white that can be applied sheerly for a nice highlight.  The Eyelid shade is a wonderfully metallic silver.  It's really pigmented.  I personally wouldn't put such a metallic shade all over my eyelid, but the color is great. The Crease shade is a charcoal grey matte with silver glitter particles that are actually visible once applied.  This is a shade that has been in past palettes.  The Definer shade is a dark matte black with silver glitter that's really pigmented as well, and also has been features in past palettes.

Labeled as: Definer, Crease, Eyelid, Browbone
I wanted to show you a close up of the Definer and Crease shades to illustrate the silver glitter particles.  I actually like these types of mattes.

Definer and Crease
On the right side are the purples, which can create a purple smokey eye as well.  This is the side that has the two duochromes.  The Browbone shade is a soft dusky pink with gold duochrome. The swatch doesn't do it justice.  This is probably the shade I like the most.  It's a very feminine color that is not too noticeable, but still pretty. The Eyelid shade is fuchsia/hot pink with lavender/purple duochrome.  This is a color that would probably benefit from a nice primer or base color to bring out the duochrome.  The Crease shade is a lavender purple with some glitter. Once applied the glitter really isn't noticeable.  This seems like an odd crease color for me since it's rather light, and the pigmentation needs some help.  The Definer shade is a cerulean blue that's nice and bright with glitter.  It's very similar in color to Stagedive from the Shimmer Color Icon Singles, but has more pigment and it isn't hard like the single (I'll do a side by side swatch in the future).

Labeled as: Definer, Crease, Eyelid, and Browbone
Bottom Line: There are many dupable colors in this palette, but the quality of the shades and unexpected duochromes make it worthwhile.  Honestly for $4.99, even if you only liked half the palette, I don't think you'll be wasting your money.  It just all depends on what you have in your stash already.

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