Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A-England New Shades

I got a nice little email informing me of 2 new shades available from a-England. For those of you unaware of this brand, it's an English brand (go figure) of nail polish. They are a 3 free and cruelty free brand that has recently been expanding their collection. Their original collection, The Mythicals, is based on the King Arthur tales and they are lovely. I have 2 shades that perform superbly from it (will swatch in the future). The 2 new shades they are touting are And the Moonbeams..., which is a golden shade with a hint of silver, and She Walks in Beauty, a gold with rose hexagonal glitter. Their pricing is in pounds, but the polishes come out to about $14.50 with the current exchange rate. There's free shipping according to the email they sent me, but don't quote me on that. Are you interested in trying either was these new shades? I'm personally excited about She Walks in Beauty. (pic from a-England)

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