Tuesday, December 18, 2012

China Glaze in Get Carried Away: Review & Swatches

China Glaze Get Carried Away is one of the polishes from the Cirque du Soleil collection that they have out now.  The collection was already mostly picked over by the time I go to it, but I was able to snag this one.  There are other nice bright creams available from the collection, but I felt I have similar enough colors that I didn't feel the need to explore. I really wanted the other top coat glitter, but none was available. Ce la vie. 

To see swatches and continue the review, click the link below.

Macro shot
As you can see from the macro shot. Get Carried Away if essentially a glitter bomb.  It has black and silver small glitter with larger black, silver, and red hexagon glitter, and bar glitter in a slightly blackened base.  (Wow that was a mouthful.)  To be quite honest I had  NO clue it had bar glitter in it until I painted my nails.  I must say that it was an unexpected surprise.  In any case I've been curious about bar glitter, so it worked out.  This had a great consistency for how much glitter it has in it.  It wasn't over thick or too runny.  I didn't have problems with getting glitter on my brush, but as is the case with many larger glitters, I had to be careful not to drag the larger pieces around (and off) my nail.  It wasn't too hard to do though (luckily). As a warning this does eat up top coat.  You may need multiple layers to smooth out the edges a bit.  The most difficult was keeping the bar glitter covered.  After a couple of days you could see noticeable pieces (of top coat?) peeling up from the areas where the bar glitter were.


Here are some swatches for your enjoyment.  On the nail you can see the bar glitter a little better.  I put one layer of China Glaze Get Carried Away over China Glaze Red Satin on most of my nails.  As you can see the black-ish base isn't that dark, and doesn't seem to change the color of the nail polish beneath it too much.  On my ring finger I have two coats of Get Carried Away on it's own.  You can probably add another coat and get it opaque, but I think that would take away from clearly enjoying the multitude of glitter.  I'm not a huge fan of this particular combo, but I think with another base color, it would look nicer.

Shade picture: one coat of Get Carried Away over China Glaze Red Satin, on ring finger 2 coats of Get Carried Away on its own

Sunlight picture
Bottom Line: I'm on the fence with this one.  I think it makes a better top coat color than a stand alone product.  I think if I found a better combo, it would work better, and I would enjoy it more.  

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