Monday, April 8, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color: Review & Swatches

Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam, Fuchscianista, D-Vinely Chilled, Fergusen Crest Cabernet
Next items that I have from the Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection are the Perfect Pout Lip Colors. (For the review on the eyeshadow primer go here.) Now I'm a huge fan of their Mega Last Lip Colors, so I was more than happy to see a new lipstick formula for me to try out. I was even more excited by the fact that there were different finishes in the new formula as well. At $3-4 a pop, I couldn't resist them and got a few to try out.

For the rest of the review and see swatches, click the below.

Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam, Fuchscianista, D-Vinely Chilled, Fergusen Crest Cabernet

The Perfect Pout Lip Color comes in a slightly different packaging with a fancy "F" engraved on the top of the lid (as seen in the pic).  Wet n Wild still hasn't fixed the issue of the lip stick not retracting completely into the tubing, making it easier to nick when you put the cap back on.  Needless to say, you need to be careful in doing so. Besides that one point, the packaging is nice and sturdy, and feels like it can roll around in the bottom of a purse without shattering.  Despite the low price tag, it doesn't feel cheap.  The cap clicks into place too, which is a nice bonus. No one wants lipstick to open up in their purse.

In terms of the product itself, there are 10 colors in this range that go from the pale nudes to black (literally). Now I'm personally not comfortable in the black range of the spectrum, so I stuck to the middle colors.  There was enough of a variety of shades that I think everyone can find one that suites them. As a whole, the majority of the lipsticks are a semi-matte.  It's not quite a cream finish, but it has some shine. However, there are also 2 lipsticks with a slightly different finish. One is a glitter and one has a duochrome shimmer.  Generally speaking, these are more comfortable to wear on the lips than the Mega Last Lip Colors. Most likely due to the fact that it's not a full on matte lipstick. However, balm will most likely be necessary a few hours in to make the wear more comfortable. Lasting power on these are great as well. They last 4-6 hours without fading, and the darker shades leave an even stain behind.  It's a good lipstick to try if you don't have much time to check your lip color throughout the day.


The following are the macros of the 2 shades that aren't a semi-matte.  D-Vinely Chilled is a lipstick with glitter particles. The macro is purposefully blurry to show the glitter. Fuchsianista has a blue duochrome quality to it that sparkles nicely in the sun.  It's a little harder to notice from the macro shot, but you can sorta see the blue-ish tint.

        D-Vinely Chilled                                                                           Fuchsianista

The arm swatches below show the semi-matte formula well. It still has a nice shine to the color.

Penthouse Sweet, Old School Glam, Fuchscianista, D-Vinely Chilled, Fergusen Crest Cabernet

Penthouse Sweet is a Barbie Doll type light neutral pink.  It's a wearable shade even though it is bright. It has enough depth that it doesn't wash the skin out or make your lips really chalky looking. If you're looking for a nice spring shade, this would be a good choice.

Old School Glam is an orangey-red.  There's another red in the collection that's more of a true red if that's what you're looking for.  Old School Glam is an easier alternative to a full on red pout.  It's not as obvious, while still being nice and bright. Another good spring color, or for a pin-up girl look.

Fuchsianista is probably my favorite of the bunch.  With the blue duochrome that is sorta noticeable on the middle of my lips, it's an unique color.  The base is a midtone raspberry.  The blue undertones makes the color lean cool.

D-Vinely Chilled is a slightly brownish pinky-mauve color. It's a little hard to describe.  With a light application it becomes more of an amped up nude/pink, but as you layer the color to be more opaque it becomes closer to a brownish pink.  The glitter in the lipstick can be felt a little when applied, but nothing too noticeable. It does give an added shimmer to the lips.  Personally I wear this lightly over a balm since the color interests me, but is a little out of my comfort zone.

Fergusen Crest Cabernet makes for a great autumn/winter shade. It's a deep wine-colored plummy red.  It's totally vampy, and again a little out of my comfort zone.  I don't know if I can pull off this dark of a color, but I'm willing to try.  I'm ok with crazy neon lips, but vampy colors scare me.

Bottom Line: whatever your cup of tea in terms of color, you should be able to find one (or more) that suites your needs.  These are long lasting lipsticks that are relatively comfortable to wear despite the staying power.  If you like the Mega Last Lip Colors, but find them to be too drying, this might be a better formula for you.

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