Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow in Duchess Lounge: Review & Swatches

Among the other offering from the Wet n Wild Center Stage Collection are four eyeshadow palettes, and today we have it in Duchess Lounge. (To read the review on the Perfect Pout Lip Color from this collection, click here). Of the different palettes, I would say this one lends itself to being a smokey eye palette. These retail for $4.99 at retailers that sell Wet n Wild products.

To continue reading the review and see swatches, click the link below.

This palette comes embossed with a fancy cursive "F" like the caps of the lipsticks to add cohesiveness to the collection. In terms of quality of the eyeshadow, it really ran the gambit in this palette from really horrible to great. Over primer, the lasting power of the shadows were good, but I wouldn't try using this without it.  Also some of the shadows tended to be powdery, which is nothing out of the ordinary with most wet n wild shadows.  The texture was smooth and buttery for the dark shades, but rather hard and chalky for the middle matte shade.

Below I included a sunlight pan picture to be able to see the glitter/shimmer particles that can be found in this palette.


The following swatches are over the Take on the Day Eye Shadow Primer from this collection (read the review here). Even over the primer the middle matte lilac shade is sub-par. It's barely visible (I swatched very heavily).  The Silver shade does a little better over the primer, but once again, Wet n Wild has much better silvers that are vibrant metallic shades. I had to swatch this one heavily as well, but not as much as the lilac. The 3 dark shades a very pigmented. Even without a primer, it comes across dark, but to get the nuances of the color and undertone, it's better to use a primer. The dark shades also have glitter particles that do show up to some degree once applied. The top right shade is a darkened maroon with black base and maroon glitter. The bottom left is a a very dark silvery-black that leans blue with purple and blue glitter, and the bottom right is a black with multi-colored glitter.

Shade Location (L-R): Middle, Tope Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

It's really hard to differentiate between the dark colors, so I hope a sunlight, close-up picture (below) will help. The top right shade of the palette does have more of a red/maroon undertone. I think this shade is probably the prettiest of the bunch. The bottom left is lighter and slightly warmer tone than the bottom right, but both pretty much accomplishes the same thing and ends up looking pretty similar on the lid.

Shade Location: Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
Bottom Line: If you want a dark smokey eye look and colors to work well for the "smokey" aspect of it, this palette would be good since the pigmentation on the dark colors are great.  It's hard to use it to make a cohesive look by itself since a lot of the colors come out super dark without much variability, and the lighter colors don't pack enough punch. As Wet n Wild palettes go, I think you're better off getting one of the Color Icon ones.

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