Thursday, April 11, 2013

OPI Sparrow Me the Drama: Review & Swatches

Ya I know you're probably thinking, "why is she reviewing something that came out like 2 years ago?" Well my answer to that is 1) it's a perfect spring pink, and 2) you can still get it, for the price you would normally pay for an OPI nail polish ($8-9) by going here. Now that I've gotten the preliminaries out of the way, I'm going to be reviewing OPI Sparrow me the Drama that came out with the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. And P.S. I'll probably pull out some of the other shades from this collection because they were awesome, and very appropriate spring colors.

To continue the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Now Sparrow me the Drama is a very pretty mid-tone pastel pink cream that's not too light and not too dark. It's an uber girly color that screams spring to me.  It reminds me of tulips, and lets face it, spring is officially here when the tulips and dandelions are in bloom.  And yes, that's a little over the top thing to say, but I love spring.  In terms of application, this polish is great. It applied evenly without any streak marks.  It lives up to its OPI name, and does it proud.  Really nothing but good things to say about this polish.


The following swatches are of two coats with a top coat per my usual inclination.  I can't remember, but I may have added the OPI Ridge Filler underneath to see how it performed. Don't quote me on that though, and the review of the base is to come in the near future.

As seen on the nails, it's a pretty mid-tone pink cream (the camera seem to like this color enough to show it true to color). A truly lovely shade to add to your stash. As a side note, the mild streaking seen on my middle finger is not the result of Sparrow Me the Drama, but of the way the light is reflected from the flash and the uneven top coat application.

Flash Pic

Shade Pic

Bottom Line: I think you should get it despite being from an earlier collection.  It's a lovely shade to have for spring, and it's also a great work appropriate color to have on hand.  It's girly and fun without potentially crossing the boundary of other's sense of work appropriate nail wear.

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