Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SquareHue April Box: Review & Swatches

Now this is my third month of getting the SquareHue monthly nail polish subscription service. I decided at the beginning that I would give this service a good three months before deciding to continue it or not. To read and see swatches of the last two months, go here for March and here for February. SqaureHue's April box's theme is the Bloom Collection. This month's box brought all the fun bright spring colors that you want and expect.  The color choices are spot on, and brought some light to the dreary days outside.  At least it's dreary here, and I was in much need of a little bit of brightness.

To see swatches and find out my verdict on whether I keep the subscription, click the link below.

The colors included in this box are: Yellow Submarine, Flower Power, and Groovy Love. The names are very 60's/mod squad in theme, and I'm of the era where seeing "yellow submarine" will always make me think of the Beatles.

Flower Power
This box had two cream nail polish and one shimmer. First of the bunch is Flower Power, a bright spring yellow-green cream. This applied on the nails pretty true to bottle color.  It applied well, and I got full opacity after 2 coats. This is a color that reminds me of things growing.  It's nice that it's a warm tone green and not a cool minty green.

Groovy Love
Groovy Love is your quintessential lilac/lavender color for spring. Everyone needs a color like this in their stash. My camera hated taking a picture of this so it's a little darker in the bottle than what I show in the macro.  However, it does also apply to the nail slightly darker than the bottle color as well.  Just as a heads up, I did notice another cream polish from the February box doing the same thing. I still enjoyed this color when applied (unlike from the February box).  This one also gave me opacity in 2 coats, and didn't give me any issues.

Yellow Submarine

Last, but not least Yellow Submarine is a bright sunshiney yellow with silver shimmer in it.  The shimmer is very understated, and not very noticeable, but it does give an extra sheen that I find lovely. As yellow shades go, it's on par with others. It doesn't get completely opaque in two coats, and there is still some patchy areas that peak through. However, it's important to note that this polish is easy to apply, and a very workable yellow cream/shimmer shade.


Nail swatches. Each has two coats and top coat. The swatch pic shows how Groovy Love swatches slightly darker on the nail (which is color accurate). The bottle pic is slightly lighter than in real life.

Sunlight Pic: Groovy Love, Yellow Submarine, Flower Power

Shade Pic: Groovy Love, Yellow Submarine, Flower Power

Bottom Line: I'm totally sold on this box.  This month cinched the deal.  Of course I might change my mind in the future, but as long as SquareHue keeps up their good work, it's worth the price. I can't wait for what next month brings.

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