Friday, November 2, 2012

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick: Review & Swatches

The Revlon Color Burst lipsticks were all the rage maybe a 1-2 years ago, and now they have kinda disappeared, but I still think they're great.   There is a large variety of colors, and they retail for about $8-9 (they seem to be on sale a lot too, which is even better).  They come in cute square tubes with a checked design and it's color coded on one end.  What could be better than that?

To read the review and see swatches, click the link below.

Colorburst Lipstick: Carnation, True Red, Peach, and Mauve

The Color Burst lipsticks come in a variety of finishes from frost to matte to cream, and they wear nicely.  It goes on smoothly, and I have no issues with feathering even without lip liner.  It's comfortable to wear, (neither drying nor hydrating), and lasts for about 3 hours if I don't eat (drinking is not an issue).  It also has a nice curve to the tip so application is precise, making it easy for even novice lipstick applicators to do so without issues.


Sunlight swatches of Carnation, True Red, Peach, and Mauve.  The hand swatch is one swipe, and you can see that the color is relatively sheer, but it's easy to build up to a more opaque finish.

Mauve is a darker mid-toned pink.  It does have some purple in it, but it pulls pink on my lips.  I would consider this as almost neutral.  The product in the tube is darker than the color after application. It has a cream finish.  (P.S. I had dry lips when I swatched the lipstick, so it looks a little chunky).

Peach in the tube looks to be a darker salmon color that leans pink, but on the lips it does become a true "peach" color.  It's not a cream, but not a frost either.  It has some pretty shimmer particles that reflect nicely (you can kinda see that in the swatch).

Carnation is a bright bubblegum pink (the swatch is a little toned down from the actual color).  The finish is similar to Peach with shimmer particles in it that give the color more dimension. 

True Red is the most noticeably sheer color.  I had to put balm underneath so it's even more sheer than it would otherwise be.  The color is a fire engine red, with cooler undertones, but close enough to neutral that most skin tones should be able to wear it without problems.  Also since it's more sheer than some other reds out there, it would be a good red to try out if you're nervous about making the plunge.

Bottom Line: I like them.  There's enough colors and finishes to choose from without breaking your bank.  I also like the buildability of the lipstick since it gives you more wiggle room to play around with.  It also means that it fades more evenly as well.