Saturday, November 17, 2012

CeraVe PM Lotion Review

As the winter keeps chugging on, my face gets drier and drier.  Clearly cold blistering air and roommies that insist on turning the heater to 80 F wreaks havoc on my skin.  So it's this time of year that I always suddenly become really good about putting lotion on my face.  Ya I'm bad about moisturizing until my skin feels raw or itches like crazy.  In any case, CeraVe makes some of the best lotions (in my humble opinion).  I actually like their regular lotion too, but today I'm reviewing the PM version.  This 3 Fl oz bottle retails for about $13 at any store that sells lotion (essentially everywhere).

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Before I start, I should probably mention that my face is usually somewhere between combination skin and oily.  I do get dry patches from the fact that I have sensitive skin that likes to over react, and I need to combat that somehow (and it's worse in the winter).  That said, what makes this lotion so worthy of attention?  It absorbs nicely without a strong fragrance, and it keeps me moisturized and soft without feeling greasy (even when it's oily).  It contains ceramides and a special absorption system (MVE delivery technology).  Why do you care about that?  Well I don't know too much about the delivery system, but the whole purpose of the lotion is that it restores your skin barrier (important for healthy skin).  It allows your skin to stay moisturized over longer periods of time, and with a healthy skin barrier, other topical products that you use can also absorb better.  This means that if you use things such as retinol products, it works a little bit better (per the dermatologists I've hung out with).  The PM lotion also has the added benefit of having hyaluronic acid (the magic ingredient of Restylane).  Granted topically it's not going to do much besides help retain moisture in your skin (don't expect any miracle cures for wrinkles).  Although this is a product marketed to being used in the evening, I actually use this as my daytime lotion because it's light weight.  I don't feel like I'm gooping on too many products under my makeup with this.  If I feel my face isn't too patchy/itchy that it needs EXTRA moisture, I'll use it in the evening as well.

Note:  I realize there is an AM lotion with sunscreen, but I prefer to keep the two separate.  I've found that the AM lotion tends to bunch up under my makeup, or maybe it's the primer I use that doesn't mesh well with it.  In any case, if I'm wearing makeup, I don't use the AM lotion.  Good thing I only have little samples and not the full bottle.

Bottom Line: I like this lotion and I use it regularly.  It's non-greasy and it works under my makeup.  It's one of my "go-to" products. I like how it makes my skin feel soft.

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