Thursday, November 8, 2012

Essie Nail Polish in Power Clutch: Review & Swatch

So just because I'm in my month of nail polish banishment, doesn't mean that I can't review them.  I bring to you Essie Power Clutch.  This came out for Fall 2011(ya that's eons ago in the nail polish world), but you can still find it in the store.  None of the Essie Fall 2011 colors really called out to me when it first came out since the colors seemed similar to what I already own.  But, I got this a couple months ago in my Birchbox and I thought I would try it. (If you buy it in the store, they usually run around $8).

To continue reading the review and see the swatch, click below.

I like greys. I think they are the perfect work appropriate color that's not boring.  I went on a huge grey nail polish kick awhile back, and since then I've been trying to tone it down a little.  When I got Power Clutch in the mail I was excited that it's not a color I have in my stash already!  Essie nail polishes as a whole are nice, but there are the occasional misses.  Luckily this wasn't one of them.  It's an almost one-coater that's a nice smooth cream.  It dries to a nice glossy finish even without top coat. As I have mentioned in the past, nail polish never last long on me, and this one lasted about 2-3 days with minor tip wear.


The color in the bottle appears lighter than on the nail (as seen in the pic).  It dries down to a darker mid-tone grey that leans cool, but close enough to neutral that anyone can wear it.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a nice serviceable grey that isn't boring, try out Power Clutch.  This is the type of color that's good to have in your stash, and the quality is excellent to boot.

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