Thursday, November 1, 2012

Milani Liquid Eye (Liquif'eye) Mechanical Liner: Review & Swatches

Milani Liquif'eye (now Liquid Eye) Mechanical Liner is what's on the menu for today.  I really don't know when the switch in name happened, and I will interchange the name (just FYI).  I know the Liquif'eye kohl version is all the rage (and I do like it a lot), but these mechanical liners seem to get crapped on quite a bit and I thought it was high time someone stuck up for these bad boys.  I have 2 of the 3 available colors, which are Blue and Purple (ya, I know, they're really original names) that retail for about $7 depending on where you buy it.

To continue with the review and see swatches, click the link.

These eyeliners are retractable and you just twist up the product from the bottom when you need more.  I think this is where this liner has had issues (although not for me).  The buzz I heard regarding this is that it doesn't properly advance the product, and it's essentially a POS.  Granted the advancement is SLOW, as in slower than molasses in winter.  It almost seems like it doesn't advance, but it does.  Now that I've gotten that piece of info cleared up, on to the actual product.  It's a liner that goes on smoothly without any tugging on the eyelid.  There is a base color and glitter particles within the liner.  It lasts all day and I have no problem with it smudging.  Since it is a retractable pencil liner, if you like having a sharp point at all times, this isn't the liner for you.  You can get a relatively fine line for not having a point though.


The Blue pencil was really hard to get a accurate swatch color.  It's actually a little brighter than how it appears below.  It's a marine blue base with purple glitter.  Purple is actually a black liner that pulls purple because of the purple glitter in it.  Both is more than the average, plain liner.

Shade: Purple (below), Blue (above)

Sunlight: Purple, Blue
Bottom Line: Despite the bad press these mechanical liners get, I like them.  I think everyone else is crazy (my humble opinion).  Perhaps I got a really good batch, but I didn't buy the colors at the same time/store, so I'm sure the product isn't defected.  I like that there's glitter in the liner too!


  1. such gorgeous shades! i really wanna pick a couple up now<3

    1. you should :) If you try out the green one let me know how you like it.