Friday, January 25, 2013

e.l.f. Kohl Liner: Rievew & Swatches

I received another code e-mail from e.l.f., and it occurred to me that I never reviewed the last few items from my haul. So I figure that I should start on that, beginning with the Kohl Eyeliner.  This is another one of their $3 offerings that you can get here.  As it is a kohl liner, it's meant to be smudgeable (and to assist this task has a smudger brush on one end).  It also conveniently comes with a sharpener lid, which is a feature I've always enjoyed especially since this liner is a jumbo size and would not fit in a normal sharpener.

To continue the review and see swatches, click the link.

As kohl liners go, this probably isn't the smoothest applying one, but it doesn't tug on your eyelids.  Also it's not super dark, and you do need to go a few passes before you get a darker black color.  However, this never becomes a true dark black, and it tends to stay in the lighter black category.  This is fine if you intend to smudge it and just want a hint of darkness.  I've used it as an everyday liner when I'm going for a softer look.  It does smudge nicely, although I'm not a huge fan of the smudger.  It works, it's soft enough, just not my thing.  I do really appreciate the sharpener (as mentioned earlier).  That might be the highlight of the product for me.



As you can see below, it's a lighter black with maybe the tiniest hint of a dark brown undertone.

Bottom Line: It's not a bad product (especially at $3), but it's not for me.  I'll use it up, but I won't repurchase it since the color payoff is just not there.  If you like a lighter black then it will be up your alley.

Codes: BOGO50 good until 1/28/13 to get half off any purchases of $20.13 or more (such an odd amount).  There's another code, with an unspecified end date.  Use HAPPY to get $5 off your purchase, no minimum requirements.

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