Friday, February 1, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Review

Now that I've had a chance to use one of my free Palmolive Fresh Infusions I received from Influenster, I can give a more in-depth review on my thoughts. My roomie helped me decide on which one to try, and we agreed on the pink one: Ginger White Tea.  As indicated in my initial impressions post, these all smell "fresh".  Imitation smells will always have some sort of chemically aspect to it, but these are not over powering in that sense.  It takes a more natural take on "common"soap scents, which I appreciate.  The smell lingers after you use it as well, making the kitchen smell nice and fresh for about 20 mins after washing dishes.

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My favorite scent does happen to be the Ginger White Tea, closely followed by Lemon Thyme, but Lime Basil I'm not a huge fan of.  Of course that's a personal preference since I'm not big on lime scents in general.  I like lime on my food and the actual fruit has a nice fresh scent, but something about creating a product with that scent gets lost in translation and ends up being a little chemically.  Of course I might be one of the few that notices this nuance since I have a werewolf nose according to my roomies.  Neither of them noticed the Lime Basil being a little off.  In regards to Ginger White Tea, I actually think it would be a fabulous body spray since it has a fresh, light, florally scent.  Lemon Thyme has the usual lemon scent, but it's brightened up by the herby freshness of the thyme, which does make it sound weird, but the smells actually meld nicely.

The other bonus to these new Fresh Infusions is that it still lives up to what I believe to be the Palmolive name of working well on cutting through greasy surfaces.  It cleans up any residue left behind from cooking/baking with ease, and it doesn't rip all moisture from your hands either.  Of course it's not anything moisturizing, but neither does it claim to be.  It gets the job done, and performs well on the most important task of a dish soap: to properly clean dishes.  There is no residue/film left behind on the dishes either.  It washes away cleanly. You also don't need an overabundance of product to get the job done. A small dime size amount is more than enough to get through all my dish washing needs at one go.  However, I must say that I like the smell enough that I might go back for a second squirt to keep the smell around the kitchen for longer.

Bottom Line: For around $3, these are totally worth it. I realize that this was given to me for free, but I truly like the product.  Two other people agree that it's worth it as well. I will definitely buy this again once I run out of the bottle I have currently.  It's a good bang for your buck, so go get yourself to Walmart!

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