Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lumene Bright Skin Radiance Nectar Review

Winter-time seems to be the season that we want bright skin the most, but it ends up being rather lackluster and dull. Why not have a serum that's meant to be brightening? I've always been curious about skincare (and makeup) products from other countries. Seeing Lumene in drug stores has always grabbed my eye. I figured I'll try out the Bright Skin Radiance Nectar for size.

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Lumene is a Finnish skincare line that is named after a lake found in Finland. The company makes their products using arctic wild plants and minerals.

This is a serum that is part of their Vitamic C+ line that is formulated to protect and nourish the skin while preventing the first signs of aging. The main ingredient used is the Arctic Cloudberry, which has strong antioxidant quality. These cloudberries are rare and fabulous since the growth cycle in the arctic is so short that the plants become super-charged with the good ingredients for radiant skin. Specifically it contains Arctic Cloudbeery seed oil that contains both omega-6 and 3 to fortify and protect against premature aging. It also contains carotenoids (vitamin A precursor) that is an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and external irritants (UV radiation, pollutants, etc). Lastly, add seed nectar of the Arctic Cloudberry with antioxidant properties to protect skin against aging, while detoxifying the skin to make is brighter and more radiant.

The product contains 1 fl oz., and is meant for normal to combination skin.

It claims to:
  • strengthen the fluid and micro circulation of the skin
  • gently exfoliates while taking care of skin's optimal thickness
  • minimizes pores and makes skin look smooth
  • all of this to create clear skin that glows

Apparently, for the best results I should use this with their Pure Radiance 24h Lotion. I'm kinda chock-full on the lotion department, so I didn't get it currently, but I might consider it in the future.

In terms of use, I've gone through the whole bottle now, so I have a fair idea of how it works. I felt that it did give me a good level of moisture in my skin. I didn't notice actual exfoliation occurring, and if it did it was very subtle. I haven't noticed any affect on pore size either. I still have crater pores. On the plus side, it didn't irritate my skin at all. I was able to use this twice a day without issues. It worked fine under makeup as well. In the end it was an extra layer for moisturization that may have helped with making my skin look brighter.


For the swatch, I have the close up of the product consistency. It's a little sticky when you first apply it onto the skin, and it stays that way for a little bit. It takes awhile to dry. It's a little hard to see the texture, but you can get a better idea (perhaps) with the bottle shot above. The products gloms on to the sides.

Bottom Line: I didn't find this to be a life changer for me. It's hydrating, but leaves a little of a sticky residue behind until it completely dries down (which takes time). It's not particularly brightening either. As a serum type product, I prefer other forms. I didn't have a problem using up the product, but I won't repurchase it.

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